Coatings Challenge: Converting a warehouse into condominiums with a new roof.

With a low investment, and ease of installation, GAF coatings are a great way to grow your business, whether you’re a low slope or steep slope contractor. Welcome to the GAF Coatings Challenge with Michelle Carlin, GAF senior product manager, coatings.


  • Converting a large waterfront warehouse into condominiums and need an entirely new roof. These are luxury condos with many rows of skylights and HVAC equipment.
  • The owner would like to reduce the heat island effect as much as possible.
  • What coating would YOU recommend for this job?


  • Skylight penetrations and HVAC equipment suggest you may save time with an acrylic liquid-applied membrane — choose a complete system that can seamlessly flash the details and penetrations.
  • Look for a reflective coating that can not only reduce the heat island effect but also reduce energy costs as well.


HydroStop® PremiumCoat® System — Foundation Coat, Fabric, and Finish Coat.

  • Great for seamlessly flashing details and penetrations.
  • Its high reflectivity will help reduce the heat island effect and even reduce energy costs — up to 30%!
  • As a water-based acrylic, it’s easy to use and to clean up.

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